Animal Attacks

Andres Alarcon enjoys the companionship of two bulldogs and understands the responsibility that comes with dog ownership. Millions of Americans are attacked by dogs every year. Dogs can cause serious injury when they are not properly trained and supervised.

Utah dog owners must be particularly vigilant. In Utah, every person who keeps a dog is strictly liable for any injury caused by the dog. The dog bite victim is not required to prove that the owner was negligent, that the dog was not properly restrained or that the dog was vicious. The only two prerequisites for seeking compensation are:

  1. The victim was injured; and
  2. The injury was caused by a dog.

Many victims fail to report dog bites because the victim is either closely related to the dog owner or is unaware of whether the owner has insurance coverage. However, since strict liability applies, the victim need not accuse the dog’s owner of wrongdoing. In addition, dog bite injuries are typically covered by the dog owner’s home or renter’s insurance policy.

There are some limits to strict liability. For example, pursuant to Utah’s comparative fault statute, compensatory damages may be reduced in cases where the dog bite victim was a trespasser or was otherwise at fault for the attack.

If you have been injured by a dog, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical and/or psychological treatment, pain and suffering, permanent scarring or disability, lost wages and loss of future earning capacity. An experienced attorney can review your claim to ensure that you are fairly and adequately compensated for your injury.

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